Pre-requisites for the SE training

  • Having attended a two-day SE Introduction Workshop before starting the training.
  • Active professional practice where the SE techniques learned in the training can be applied and developed throughout the training program in working with your clients, for example:
    ▪ Mental health professionals: psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, art and music therapists, etc.
    ▪ Social and medical professionals: acupuncturists, paramedics, physiotherapists, chiropractors, licenses massage therapists, midwives, nurses, doctors, osteopaths, social workers, occupational therapists, etc. .
    ▪ Alternative bodyworkers: craniosacral therapists, Feldenkreis and Rosen practitioners, etc.
    ▪ Others: crisis center staff, teachers, school counsellors, mediators, coaches, chaplains, etc.
    Students in related fields may also be admitted to training.
  • A willingness to work through your own traumas. (The training is not primarily intended to be self-therapy.  Nevertheless, personal traumas may surface and you must be open to working through them.  We hope that you have done enough work on any serious personal trauma you may have experienced before the training starts to be able to be present and take in the content of the training.)

We recommend a couple of SE sessions for everyone before starting the training. This will help to establish a good basis for regulating your own nervous system and provide experiential insights into the SE approach. These sessions do not count towards the SE certification requirements.