SEP Certification requirements

To obtain a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) Certificate you must complete the full Somatic Experiencing Professional Training program and the requirements listed below. Only those with a SEP certificate may claim to practice Somatic Experiencing®, which is a legally protected trademark. 

Participants who do not meet the requirements listed below retain their status of "SE students in training".

Attendance to the training

There are three training years with two 6-day modules per year providing 36 face-to-face training days for the whole training. If you miss a part of a module, to an extent, it is possible to make up the lost time by watching the recording of the training and by completing one supervision hour for each day of non-attendance in addition to the required supervision hours (see below).

Session requirements: Personal sessions and Supervisions

A participant is required to receive a minimum number of personal SE sessions ("SE sessions") and supervision sessions ("SE supervisions") during the training. The sessions must be taken with approved session providers at your current level of training ("approved SE session providers" and "approved SE supervisors"). Participants will receive a list of potential session providers at the beginning of the training. You will have one year after the last module to complete the necessary personal sessions and supervisions.

Personal sessions 

A minimum of 15 hours of personal sessions must be taken with session providers who are assisting on your training ("approved SE session providers"). It is recommended that the required sessions are spread as evenly as possible over three years, i.e. about five sessions per year. 

Supervision sessions

A minimum of 18 hours of supervisions must be taken, counted in individual supervisions. Part of these may be in the form of group supervision, in which case 3 hours in a group equals 1 hour of individual supervision.

Of the supervision sessions:

  • 4 hours (minimum) must be individual supervision sessions.
  • 6 hours (minimum) must be with a SE faculty member

It is recommended to take the supervision sessions during the training as follows: 4 in the first year, 6 in the second year and 8 in the final year.